With over 17 years experience in the talent business, Stacie has grown Modelogic Wilhelmina to the largest agency in Virginia and knows good talent when she sees it. Whether you are casting fashion models for a show, dramatic actors for film, comedic actors for a TV spot, or just need a bunch of tattooed bikers to show up on set, Stacie knows where to find them.

Favorite Place: Her hometown, New York
Favorite Food: Sucker for chocolate
Favorite Pastime: Split between Snowboarding and Knitting
Favorite Vacation: Anywhere in the mountains
Favorite People: Her two amazing boys,


Emily started her career with Modelogic Wilhelmina on the other side of the desk, as a model. With her experience in front of the camera she has unique perspective as an agent, and an excellent knowledge of the business. Besides being freakishly tall (she's a model, she's supposed to be) and damn good lookin' (she's a model, she's supposed to be), Emily's one of the nicest people in the business to deal with, not an easy combination to find.

Favorite Place: Seattle, Washington
Favorite Food: Fresh Gaucamole , dark chocolate, and mojitios
Favorite Pastime: Reading or going to the movies
Favorite Vacation: Anywhere with my huge lovable family!!!
Favorite People: My kids, my hubby, and my fam!

JAIME SWINGLEY, New Faces Director
Jaime Swingley joins Modelogic Wilhelmina as Director of New Faces for our development program Wilhelmina Image. Formerly an elementary school teacher, swim coach, musical theater director and model, Jaime brings her education background and performing arts background together to help our new faces learn the business.  Did we mention she's an opera singer? Yeah. Over achiever type. We love it.

Favorite Place: NYC
Favorite Food: Organic
Favorite Quote: "Build a bridge...and get over it!"
Favorite Pastime: Working with children, the beach, and time with friends.
Favorite Vacation: Kiawah Island
Favorite People: My parents and my best friends, I am so blessed!

Some of you may recognize Julia as one of our busiest fashion girls for the past several years. Coming to MW as talent when she was starting out , Julia has worked as a model all over the world shooting editorials, advertisements and covers for many publications. Bringing all of those experiences to the table as a jr. booker now, you will find out that Julia is also smart, quick, detail oriented and passionate about the business.

Favorite Place: Skyline Drive
Favorite Food: Pizza! All. Day. Long.
Favorite Quote: It's easy to be Puffy but it's harder to be Sean.
Favorite Pastime: Soccer/Music/Laughing.
Favorite People: Modelogic peeps, My roommate, my boyfriend, my cat


Trey Gopez has been a part of the Modelogic family for years as one of our talented actors. Always a pro in the business (even when we asked him to dress up as a hotdog for a tv spot) he now joins us on the agency side as a our newest booker. You will find Trey to be detail oriented, completely helpful and always ready with his great laugh.

Favorite Place: Wherever there are good times and good people!
Favorite Food: Not at the same time but sushi and pizza.
Favorite Pastime: Sitting around the kitchen table with my sisters and mom laughing about the past.
Favorite Vacation: The sun and sand of Lewes, DE
Favorite People: My daughter and my best friend, as well as my family and friends who have always been there for me!