As far as we are concerned, MODELOGIC [MID-ATLANTIC] is the only game in town!
Stacie continues to come up with the best talent in the region, no matter what the project.

Stacy Murphy-Johnson: Executive Producer, Park Group

I joined MODELOGIC [MID-ATLANTIC] in June of 2011 after a very encouraging pep talk from
Jaime Swingley, Director of New Faces. At 43 years old and only 5’6”, I was not confident that
there would be work here for me in this market. I received my comp cards the same week I got
my first call for a photo shoot at the Boathouse restaurant Rockett’s Landing, in downtown
Richmond. My work has been varied and interesting, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it all! Jaime
was available from Day 1 to explain that this is “our business” and we need to approach it as such
by trusting in Jaime and Stacie’s critiques of our “look” and what this market might hold for us,
preparing in advance for every type opportunity by taking advantage of the development offered
at Image Studio (runway, acting, etc.), using good judgment, being assertive, and always being
punctual and professional for auditions and jobs. I like to think that because I have followed her rules,
I have gotten work! Thank you to Jaime, Stacie and the booking team at Modelogic for making my
experience an ongoing positive one.

Tina Hatch

Jaime Swingley, the Director of New Faces, created a professional and fun atmosphere that made
me feel welcome from the start! As someone very new to the world of modeling, I found the Image Studio

classes extremely beneficial. Not only did I learn how to walk the runway and audition in front of
the camera, I networked with fabulous people and had a blast! The instructors of the classes know their
craft and genuinely want to see you succeed. Thank you to Jaime & Image Studio for arming me with
tools for success: a professional composite card, a network of friends, and a newfound confidence!
Jennifer Selman, Richmond, VA

Who knew that after modeling and acting on the west coast and briefly in Richmond, VA in my 20’s that I
would get back into the business when all four of my children were in school?! I am a firm believer that
there is always more to learn, so I enrolled in the Image Studio program once I decided to return to
the industry. The program is not just a total bundle of fun, but I actually learned about more than just
posing and smiling. I was taught about the business of “me” and how to handle situations as a professional.
The month-long program is full of stylists, make-up artists, runway classes, acting classes and more. I found
myself wanting extra classes when it was over! I walked away from the Image Program, in my 3” heels, feeling
confidant as an actor and model—I even landed my first commercial before I finished the program!
How cool is that?!

Keli Harold, Richmond VA

I began working with Image Studi0 after attending an open call at Modelogic in August. What followed
was a whirlwind of classes on acting, styling, runway and the business end of modeling. I gained so much from
these classes that have helped me to gain the knowledge and confidence I will need for future jobs and met some
terrific people as well! One Saturday found me with a fantastic photographer, stylist, and Jaime Swingley, the
New Faces Director at Modelogic, getting professional pictures taken to be used for my composite cards and
portfolio. Everyone was so helpful in guiding me from wardobe to poses and the photographs were phenomenal!
I was able to use all that I have learned with Image Studio during my first job which was a fashion show at Sak’s
Fifth Avenue. I have had the time of my life being a part of the family at Modelogic!

Morgan Parish, Richmond, VA

Have you ever looked at a person in a TV commercial or a magazine advertisement and thought, well, they
look a lot like me? The truth is that they could be you. As a senior interested in trying something new, I
decided to contact Modelogic and Image Studio on Broad Street in Church Hill. The modeling and
acting workshops offered were stimulating and lots of fun. I gained new skills and more confidence that
I could, indeed, embark on this new venture. The instructors as well as staff at both Image Studio and
Modelogic were not only professional, but also friendly and supportive. If you are thinking about working
in this field, contact Jaime Swingley at Image Studio and become a ‘New Face’.

DeeDee Damschroder, Richmond, VA

With much trepidation I submitted my eight year olds photos to the New Faces section of Image Studio.
As soon as I spoke to Jaime on the phone, I knew I had made the right choice. Jaime immediately put me at
ease with her inviting nature and vibrant personality. My daughter’s photo shoot went off without a hitch,
and she was auditioning for commercials before her comp cards were even completed! The tips, instruction
and services provided by these talented professionals provide the necessary tools to begin a successful modeling
career at any age. In fact, my daughter and I now proudly represent Image Studio.

Denise Perry Ramon-Richmond, VA

Thanks to Jaime Swingley, Director of New Faces, and the rest of the Modelogic [Mid-Atlantic] Agency, I have
been able to kickstart my career as a model! After submitting my pictures online, I had a friendly interview
with Jaime who launched me into a summer of training and fun. Interested in modeling, but not sure yet of
all the basics, I was able to learn all I needed to know through the classes offered through the agency! I learned
key terms of the field, how the business side works, how to come “camera-ready”, to be my best at the audition,
and how to strut my stuff down the runway. Since then, I have been able to put these skills to practice and
really gained the confidence I need to be a successful model.

Lauren Smith, Richmond, VA

My experiences with Image Studio and Modelogic [Mid-Atlantic] have been truly phenomenal! After
submitting photos of myself to the agency’s website, I was offered an opportunity to join the
Modelogic [Mid-Atlantic] family. Because of an informative series of workshops in modeling and acting
technique, along with the hard work and dedication of Modelogic’s exceptional instructors, I learned a
number of skills and “tricks of the trade” that helped me perform well at all of my auditions. In fact, I
landed my first commercial while I was still participating in the workshops! Both Modelogic [Mid-Atlantic]
and Image Studio are filled with friendly and professional people who do a wonderful job of aligning
talent with opportunity!

Calvin Miller

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enroll in your course. I must admit, at first I was skeptical
because in the past my mother and I had spent a lot of time and money for me to pursue modeling and
acting. Unfortunately, after all that we had put in, we saw no returns, only people wanting more money.
With Image Studio, I had modeling jobs before I even finished the classes, and within two
months I made what I had paid for the course and then some (I was able to accomplish this with just
one Miller Lite commercial)! It was very exciting to see the work I’d done on TV. These classes not only
gave me the confidence to do this, they also gave me the confidence to pursue my modeling and acting
dreams in L.A.. The acting class with Mark Joy was my favorite. It’s fun to see yourself do a skit on camera!
I definately learned a lot and enjoyed the classes and would recommend them to anyone who has a desire
for acting and modeling.

Stephen White

I’ve worked with Stacie/Modelogic [Mid-Atlantic] for several years now and can’t say enough good
things about her. She really knows her talent pool and always works hard on our behalf. She’s available,
responsive and I’ve referred numerous clients and actors/models to her over the years…all with great
success. She knows her markets well and knows how to market her actors/models well.

Dani Englander, Actress/Model – Northern Virginia

I have worked with agents from Miami to Milan as I have been in the business for fourteen years now.
In all my acquired experience and knowledge in the industry I have never worked with an agency so detailed
and efficient. Stacie runs a tight ship (to say the least), cares about the well-being of her models/talent and
is always concerned about her outgoing message to clients and the market place. Her team is dedicated to it’s
cause and that is evident when I often work with her talent and have met many of her clients. I wish most
of you could have the opportunity to work with Modelogic [Mid-Atlantic], but in their selectiveness,
that may unfortunately not be the case. If you have the privilege make sure you take the opportunity!

SOCKO/National Photographer

I came to Modelogic [Mid-Atlantic] on a reference from a fellow actor who said Stacie was great to
work with. Truth is, I think he understated Modelogic [Mid-Atlantic]’s professionalism and care for
their talent. I’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences anytime there was interaction with Stacie and her
staff. When I booked a 3.5-month long job via MODELOGIC, Stacie went above and beyond to make sure
I was taken care of, paid in a timely manner and she ensured the production company didn’t pay less
than what was contracted. I have worked with other agents who forget you once you’ve book the job – not
Modelogic [Mid-Atlantic]; they are with you from audition to final payment.

Keith Gregory, Actor – Virginia Beach

My children have been with MODELOGIC [MID-ATLANTIC] since 1998. Stacie has always looked out for
the well being of my children and has always made sure that the kids were paid appropriately and in a
timely manner. She is great at helping us Moms get the right pictures in our compcards as most moms
look at their children’s pictures as moms. We have dealt with other agencies outside the State of VA and
I can honestly tell you Stacie is the best.

Vicky Sowick – Richmond, VA