Do you have to be a certain height to be a model or actor?
We have a wide range of needs in this market. Since it is a commercial market and not a
high fashion market, we can take shorter men and women than the New York agencies.
It is always best to submit online, be honest with your height and size, and attach good
pictures. You never know what we may be looking for!

Do you take children?
Yes, we start with children at age 4. Due to our client needs in VA, we do not represent
children younger than 4. On the rare occasion a client does ask us for babies or toddlers,
we post a request for submission on our twitter account. Follow us at @modelogic.

Are there any fees to pay the agency?
No, you should never pay an agency for representation. However, we do not cover the cost
for any talent’s materials. We always recommend finding an agency who is interested in
representing you first and then follow their advice on the look of your portfolio. Each market
may have a different style of pictures that they require based on the need of their clients.

Do you have to have professional images to submit online or bring to the open call?
No! You can attach any 2 pictures to the online submission form that are right off your camera
or Facebook page. When you come to open call, you just need to bring any 2 printed pictures
of yourself!  We will not look at pictures off your phone or thumb drive.

 Do you have to have any prior experience to submit to the agency?
No! We will look at anyone who has a desire to find out about the business of modeling.

Do you have to bring an adult with you to open call?
Open call is for 16 + years. If you are 16 or 17, yes, you must have a parent or guardian to be seen.

Do you respond to everyone who submits online?
Yes. You will be contacted either way. We get many submissions every week, so be patient, but
you will either receive an email to come in and meet, or a note explaining that we are taking a
pass at this time.

Can you submit pictures more than once?
Yes! There may be many reasons we take a pass, so you are welcome to resubmit in 6 months
to a year.